Thursday, July 15, 2004

Hi Pamie!
San Diego was the city in which my awareness of the world outside of my little family unit began to really take root and that was due - in no small part - to the libraries of that lovely city.  So how could I not give back, even if it's in some small way?
I bought Head Games by Christopher Golden from the Jacumba Branch's wishlist.  As I become less broke due to my new job, I hope to get them, or another branch or two, a few more books.
In other news, because something has been going on with the AIDS Marathon Donation Page (I.E. no one can use it to actually donate), I was wondering if it was possible for you to post a new link, this time to my donor form.  I know it's a little more work to download, print, fill out and mail it, but it's still very much worth it.
As always, thank you for being the ultimate Cool Kid and for rocking so very hard.  (Hey, no one works the Truly Sincere Kiss-Up the way I do.  And you know I'm being truly sincere here.)
Take care,