Thursday, July 15, 2004


Had our monthly Friends of the Library meeting this morning and they were so pleased and surprised at the response of your readers.  Today, I got an even bigger surprise as one of our benefactors lives in London, England!  Truly amazing, especially as my mother was English and raised in Birmingham.  I have friends as well as cousins who live in and around London, and I can't help but feel that 'me mum' somehow guided your follower to her daughter's branch library!  My dad and I returned my mother's ashes, to her beloved England, nine years ago this month, and I'd love to think of her 'talking' to someone over there now.  Even more of a coincidence, is one of the titles Miriam chose for us was Storey's Guide to Raising Sheep, and my mother spent her teenage years on a sheep station in Austraila!   Very small world indeed.  Anyway, Pam, can't thank you and your followers for all they've done to increase our small collection.  It has truly been an AWESOME experience.

Vickie Mulrean
Campo-Morena Village Branch Library