Thursday, July 08, 2004

293 Donations!


The Children's librarians here at the Vista Branch just gave me their most recently Amazon packing slips for our Wish List file. Books from Topeka KA, Edina MN, Portland OR, Los Angeles CA, Long Beach CA, Stamford CT, and Davidson NC. Who would have ever believed it possible!

I can't wait for our adult books to start arriving so that I can open gifts from such exotic and faraway locations! Thanks again to your wonderful readers.

Sandy Housley
Reference Librarian
Vista Branch, San Diego County Library


DeAnn said...

I got my thank-you note from them today, and it was the nicest thing ever. They took time to thank me for each item I sent, specifically, and to tell me why they had requested them and how much they were needed/wanted. I got the warm fuzzies all over again!!

10:32 PM

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