Saturday, August 07, 2004

Letter From Winner Emily


Thanks so much! I am very excited; it’s such a dreary day in Toronto today, and I was getting annoyed by people at work, but this news has made the day much better. I thought I’d gotten my good karma in the form of a small raise at work, but apparently it hasn’t ended. If I donated three books, does that mean I get three good things happening to me? That’d be nice; there’s an internal position at work I’m applying for that I would love to get, so if that could be my third bit of good karma, I’d be a very happy camper. Feel free to cross your fingers for me!

It’ll be great to have another copy of your book, let alone an autographed one. I lent my copy to a friend at work, and she loved it so much that she’s getting her sister and some other people to read it, too. With the extra copy, I can still read your book whenever I feel like it.

Again, thanks so much for organizing the book drives (extra loud cheers for everyone who donated!), and continuing to entertain people with your writing. You are an amazing person, and I know that all your hard work and dedication will pay off in spades.


Hi Pamie,

First off, thanks for linking to me in the blog.

I have decided to donate $100 to the San Diego Public Library Foundation to be used for books and materials. I was going to split it amongst the different libraries you hvae listed, but found it too difficult to pick and choose. This way, they can choose how to spend it, and i'm sure that a diverse mix of people will benefit from my small donation.

Thanks for such a spectacular idea,


Letter From Campo-Morena Librarian Vickie

Hi Pam! Hope you're doing better and the nasties are under control. If all the goodness that you started with this library program could be bottled, I'm sure you should be back in good health soon. Your readers definitely want you feeling strong again.

Well...I had to write and let you know, once again, just how overwhelming your readers have been to our little branch in Campo-Morena Village. We have received '62' books and '6' audiocassette books so far, and there are another 3 books that we haven't received yet, but they've been purchased.

We feel truly blessed by your generosity and that of your readers. You have all been such an inspiration to our community. I have appointments to speak at several of our local groups, to request financial support for books. Everyone can't believe that there are people out there who are willing to donate to a community they've never heard of. We are very thankful for all you've done for us and wish you and your readers many blessings for their kindness and generosity.

I believe it's important that you have accurate figures for your program, and haven't seen quite a few titles listed in the Blog, so I've decided that I'd share them here. I hope this helps with your final tally.

Thank you again for allowing us to be a part of this!

Vickie Mulrean
Campo-Morena Village Branch Operations Manager

To Kill a Mockingbird [sent by Kate]
Keeping Livestock Healthy [sent by Sophie]
Coaching Fastpitch Softball Succescfully [sent by Tamara]
Fences, Wall & Gates [sent by Tamara]
Otho's All About Fences & Gates [sent by Tamara]
Chess For Juniors [sent by M.S.]
Little League Drills and Strategies: [sent by M.S.]
Daughter of Venice [sent by Sophie]
The Princess Diaries v.#1 [sent by Tamara]
A Series of Unfortunate Events:
The Bad Beginning, v.1 [sent by M.S.]
The Reptile Room, v.2 [sent by M.S.]
The Wide Window, v.3 [sent by M.S.]
The Miserable Mill, v.4 [sent by M.S.]
The Austere Academy, v.5 [sent by M.S.]
The Ersatz Elevator, v.6 [sent by M.S.]
The Vile Village, v.7 [sent by M.S.]
The Hostile Hospital, v.8 [sent by M.S.]
The Carnivorous Carnival, v.9 [sent by M.S.]
The Slippery Slope, v.10 [sent by M.S.]

Thanks again, Pam!

Letter From Winner Jen

I'm thrilled to be the winner of an autographed copy of your book...all of my friends will be so jealous!  This annual book drive is great on so many levels.  I felt wonderful donating a few books.  I love reading the letters from the librarians... I can imagine how much fun they're having waiting for the mailman's arrival.  And now this!  Thank you for the book and, more importantly, for all of your hard work organizing these book drives...I did the easy part.

Have a great day...I already have!