Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Seven Books!

Thanks so much for picking San Diego as this year's library drive recipient. I pretty much grew up in the El Cajon branch (literally - I spent more hours than I can count exploring the shelves) although if I were a kid now I'd live closer to the Rancho San Diego branch. Therefore, they both received donations.

El Cajon got The Extraordinary Works of Alan Moore by George Khoury and Alan Moore because, well, it's Alan Moore and any library that recognizes his particular genius deserves to have the book;

The Unwelcomed Assistant: Edward C. Huffaker and the Birth of Aviation by Steven Hensley because of San Diego's long aviation history (and in honor of my dad, who used to keep a small plane at nearby Gillespie Field;)

and Party of the People: A History of the Democrats by Jules Witcover because it's rather Republican in those parts (or at least it was when I lived there) and, well, anything to get the other party's name out there in an election year.

Rancho San Diego got Magnificent Monologues for Kids (Hollywood 101) by Chambers Stevens for the kids who spend summers at San Diego Junior Theater;

A Series of Unfortunate Events Book 6 and Book 9 because they were high on the priority list and an incomplete collection of Lemony Snicket is a sad thing indeed;

and Knights & Castles: 50 Hands-On Activities to Experience the Middle Ages because my eight-year-self thought it sounded like fun and my thirty-something self thought it sounded educational. (Plus, I currently live in England, and wanted to spread the medieval love around.)

Thanks again for doing this! My best childhood memories thank you.


[Chandra made us hit donation number 100!]


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