Tuesday, June 29, 2004

First Librarian Letter!

Hello, Pam. My name is Betty Waznis and I supervise collection development and technical services for San Diego County Library.

We are overwhelmed with gratitude at your project to help our library. It is absolutely amazing to see the support and enthusiasm you have generated. I can assure you that every single one of the donated items is going to find a good home. We just finished a year of a severe cut in our materials budget, a step that was taken reluctantly just to keep our doors open. We are hoping for a better year to come. To realize that you had stepped forward to help us was just astonishing and so very very encouraging.

Can I ask how our library system came to your attention? I am familiar with the good work you did for Oakland Public Library. Reading about it last year was one of the reasons we started our own Amazon wishlist project here. We have already received more in one weekend from your donors than we did in the first three months on our own. We feel very lucky.

Thanks again so very much.

Betty Waznis
Principal Librarian, Collection Development/Technical Services
San Diego County Library
5555 Overland Avenue, Building 15
San Diego CA 92123
858-694-2438 phone
858-495-5981 fax


Hi, Betty!

I picked San Diego this year for a couple of reasons.

During the Oakland Book Drive, two of my friends lost everything in a fire. The same people who had donated so generously to Oakland then turned around and donated supplies and money to two of my best friends. When my friends heard about the fires in San Diego, they pleaded with these same people to help out. Now that it's a year later and Oakland is a little bit more on its feet and my friends are getting their lives back to as close to normal, San Diego seemed like the place that needed us the most, both because of the library budget and the damage due to the fires.

Also, you had Amazon wish lists for different counties. Part of the fun of the book drive is the element of surprise. You made it easier for us to swarm you with books. I checked out other library and school systems that had wish lists, but yours was extensive, with descriptions of the different branches, and well-stocked with requests.

Let us know if there's anything else we can do. Particularly: is there a location where we can send gently used books, or new books from our own collection? Is there an independent bookstore in the area who would be willing to work with us to send bestsellers and must-have books to you without the need to go through Amazon?

We're here if you need anything, and we're happy to help.

Happy Box Opening,



Anonymous said...


Thank you for selecting the San Diego County Library system as the recipient of your generosity that has provided an avenue to guide others to donate reading materials that our customers wanted or needed.

The staff of the Potrero County Library is especially thankful for our patrons who will be benefiting from this new material. It was exciting to realize that people across the United States were eager to assist San Diego in improving their literary collections.

It is gratifying to read entries from participants, and to add our note of appreciation for those who came forward to promote the love of books and literacy, continuing the foundation on which libraries were formed.

Most of the books chosen from our wish list will greatly assist the Spanish speaking community that surrounds us, and has enhanced our English Audio selection as well.

Thanks to Barbara and Karen for choosing Potrero out of the long list that you supplied on this site through your own kindness.

We will keep track on this website to see who benefits next from your benevolence.

Thanks again from the Staff of the Potrero County Library.

Candy, Martha, Mary, Mike, and Jan

11:47 AM


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