Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Hi Pam,

I donated last year to the Oakland Book Drive, so I'm happy to join in this year to send San Diego County some book love.

I picked the Santee Branch, as they had not seemed to be mentioned too often yet, and no one should be left out!

I sent two off their wishlist:

1) Walter The Farting Dog (I laughed right out loud at that title! It should have been called Pig the lovable farting Boston Terrier, after another sweet, yet sometimes smelly, pup I know!)
2) The Lady and the Unicorn

I wanted so much to have sent more, but just having moved on Sunday I have many added expenses this month, including overlapping rents, and this is all I can spare now. This is a great thing your doing - I've been a longtime reader from all the way back to the Squishy days, and Pamie, you rock like Bob.

Despite the rather fabulous prize being offered, you don't need to include me in the prize pool as I already own two copies of your lovely book, including one you kindly autographed for me at the Oakland Borders reading!

Keep on keepin' on, good Pam.

Best regards,


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