Tuesday, June 29, 2004

It's My Turn

This is the first time I've had a moment to make my own donations to San Diego.

I sent the Youth Services Department of the Vista Branch:

Been There, Should've Done That II: More Tips for Making the Most of College by Suzette Tyler -- Because man, they just push you out there without any kind of suggestions.

Poplorica : A Popular History of the Fads, Mavericks, Inventions, and Lore that Shaped Modern America by Martin J. Smith -- Proving the Internet is not a fad. Also, I totally would have checked this book out of the library when I was a kid.

Kids Who Laugh : How to Develop Your Child's Sense of Humor by Louis R. Franzini Ph.D. -- Chapter One: "Make Her Always the New Kid." Chapter Two: "Give Her Geeky Genes." Chapter Three: "Funny, Not Fast." Chapter Four: "There's No Such Thing As Too Much Television."

My First Spanish Number Board Book/Mi Primer Libro de Numeros en Espanol (My First series) by Nicola Deschamps
What Color Is It?/Que color es este? (Great Beginnings) by Pamela Cote
Leaping From a Public High to a Top U (Students Helping Students Series)

I'm also using my Amazon Associates program to donate, which means that on certain books I'll receive a small percentage of the purchase price at the end of the quarter. I'll tally up those amounts and send a monetary donation to the San Diego Public Library Foundation in our name.


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