Thursday, July 08, 2004

Hi, Pamie!

"Loyal Squishite jateke" (I'm never forgetting that) here, thanking you for getting us motivated again this year!

I'm sending the Valley Center branch two books:

* from their adult/juvenile list, Stop ADHD, ADD, ODD, Hyperactivity: A
Drugless Guide to Optimal Family Health
by Robert DeMaria. It's not a
particularly "sexy" book, but it was a "Must Have" on the wishlist, and well it should be--it is so, so important for parents to have access to this kind of information.

* from the YA list, Friction by E. R. Frank. This was another "Must Have" on Valley Center's wishlist. Plus, I'm something of a YA Section Whore at my local library, and this title has caught my eye a few times. It's obviously high time I read it already!

As Cool Kid club dues go, the price of a few books is an awesome bargain.
Thanks again, Pamie, for getting this underway and making my day for the
second time.


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