Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Book Drive Tally

I'm happy to report that in five days we've made 184 donations.

You guys are awesome. Last year at five days we were only hovering around the hundred mark. At this rate we stand to make an impressive contribution to San Diego's shelves.

Still waiting to turn in your donation? Why? The librarians love you and so do I.


victoria said...

i know we all haven't given enough money to this worthy cause, but a fellow donater-cool person, Melissa, posted on her livejournal that, by doing a wishlist search for libraries on, you'll find libraries in your area that are also in need of assistance.

8:40 PM

pamie said...

That's true. You can look up "library" and then put your city and state in the bottom part and you'll find the wishlists of public libraries, schools and sometimes even hospitals and research buildings.

11:26 AM

Arianne said...

Hey Pamie,
I linked to your page on my blog. I'll make it a permalink soon.

6:01 PM

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