Sometimes you offer to help a friend with a task.

Sometimes that task becomes bigger than you think.  Then someone comes over and reminds you that you already had a task to do and why haven't you finished that one?

Right...right... sorry.

So there you are juggling tasks and you realize that you haven't left your desk in eight straight hours and for some reason you were clenching your butt the entire time.

You try yoga, but it doesn't help.

You realize that you are stuck with too many jobs.  You come up with a half-assed solution.  Your friend is game.  You end up with this entry.

Here's what stee and I are saying about it:

... Because we're tired and lazy from all of the sweat and strain (not that kind of sweat and strain, cheeky monkeys) we've decided to post some of our lame e-mail instead of cranking out individual entries.  Consider it a Behind the Webpage, or The Stee True Hollywood Story.

Of course, you may just consider it a torrid love affair between stee and pamie. It's more fun to think of it that way. All we're saying is that we're doing all of this work and not smoking and the thought of writing something else has made us nauseous.

Consider this the champagne busting on the bow. Congrats, stee. He's all growns up.

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oh, and Byrne did offer this one explanation.