this is me at my workdesk.  what do you think?

the well

It may seem like a strange activity for a crazed serial killer, but in my more quiet and reflexive moments, I like to write poetry. Here are some of my poems:


You are so precious to me.
You yip.
When I知 sad.
You yip.
When I知 mad.
You yip.
When I知 murdering.
You yip.
When I知 hur(er)ting.
You yip.
Just about all the time come to think of it.
But I love you anyway.
You池e my dog.
Someday you値l die.
And I will cry.
And then I値l stuff you and put you out on the front porch to greet friends and neighbors with a 滴I!
You are so precious to me.


I like puppies and cats
And things that smell nice.
I love fur covered coats
And tea all a-spice.
I love root beer and gum
And drawing nice swirls.
But mostly I love
Killing girls.
Killing you girls
Is really fun.
You scream and cry
Your blood does run.
And when it痴 over
And I知 sort of blue.
I値l always have
A part of you.

(this is a 都exy song I wrote)

Your love pumps me up
You池e so sexy you池e rocking me all night!
Like a tiger, like a pony
Like a big chemical fire!
I want to take you
Make you
Break you hard
I want to come to you in the night
So dark
Don稚 be a-fright
Don稚 take a-flight
I will fly to you
Like a bird on fire
I値l show you my skin suit
And we値l dance with our desire.
Skin suit.
It feels so nice.
Skin suit.
You don稚 have to ask twice.
Skin suit.
From a girl who痴 been bad.
Skin suit.
Aren稚 you so very glad?
(I wore my)
Skin suit.
Like a worm changing form.
Skin suit.
Can I rock you 奏il morn?
Your love is like a second skin
There痴 nothing I壇 like to see you in
(more than my)
Skin suit.

I also like to write Haiku! (That痴 short Oriental poems!)

I can稚 lift my couch
Hey, can you help me out here?
Man, you池e really dumb

Doggies are funny
Like to chew on everything
Prec, that痴 not a bone!

Red fingernail marks
On the high wall of my well
Need some 409

Don稚 go in the jon
That dead lady in the tub
Is starting to stink

So that痴 all I have so far. Tell me what you think!