How You See Me...

I can't believe what some people are searchgng to find my page lately.

serial killer
lana turner
my daughter has been kidnapped by a serial killer
bumble bee tuna
san diego bars
what sex
what sex are you
killing with tools
skin suits
FBI search on Jame Gumb
Clarice Starling
pictures of people pooping

Man. I might fatten girls up in my well and then slice their skin, dry it, and sew it into clothing that I wear for a weekend jaunt to the beach, but there are some sick mother fuckers out there.

Last night Catherine and I stayed up really late talking about high school. We both agreed that even though we aren't really happy with where our lives are right now, we still would never want to go back there. Catherine told me about how the kids at school used to tease her for being chubby and call her names and sometimes put rotten fruit inside her locker. I couldn't believe it. I would have thought that Catherine would have been a popular girl. She said that her mother was too busy with her campaign all the time and didn't always have time to be a mother and so Catherine ended up watching television and eating and making plans to go to a good college. She talked for so long and said some things she'd never really told anyone before and she ended up crying. I felt kinda bad that she was so upset, so I gingerly poked her with my stick until she stopped being so sad and got a little angry. Once she called me a "Fucking freak-ass shithead," I knew she was over that little crying jag.

...But it got me thinking. Did we all have shitty childhoods? I always thought that the reason I kill and sew skin was because I was pretty unloved as a kid. But what if everyone feels this way? Because not everyone kills and skins. I sorta don't have any excuse at all if everyone had a shitty childhood, right?

Mine had to have been the worst. You know one time I had a cat and it ran away? Fucking killed me...

The other day I found out that when I tuck my dick between my legs just right while I wear my purple halter I look just like the curly-haired one from Eden's Crush. I'd fuck me for sure. Ass for weeks, I've got.

So, I don't know what to do. JOurnalcon is getting closer and closer and I read on a forum somewhere that they might be out of hotel rooms. I didn't even think about that. I don't know if I'd be comfortable just rooming with anyone. I mean, I could just show up and hope for the best and wait to see if someone just doesn't show, but then I might end up with a boring journaller, or a snoopy journaller or a skinny journaller. I mean, I'm not saying anything about anything, but if I'm parED up with the right girl, she might not ever update again. Shit. I still haven't looked for airline tickets.

Is there anything more beautiful than I think not.

Oh, and someone sent me an email, showing me how to do this. So cool.

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