without much time...

I don't have much time since I spent all day listening to that stupid bitch CAtherine yapping around about wanting to be free.  I mean, I seriously don't know why I haven't killed her yet.  I mean, seriously.  I'm such a procrastinator.  I hate that.  I really do.  I procrastinate about everything.  Killing Catherine.  This website.  Email.

Anyway, I've been thinking about Journalcon.  If  I'm going to go, I have to buy my tickets soon because I'm going to have to then change my identity and get a little plastic surgery so that my serial killer ass can leave the house.  Airports can be such a bitch..  THat and I have to find someone to take care of Precious.  Maybe I can get Catherine to do it.  See?  There I go again, humanizing her and giving her responsibilities , procrastinating killling her.  I hate that I do that.  

I stepped on the scale for the first time in a month today and I've lost five pounds!  I guess it's from that stupid bitch Catherine, since she's always trying to escape.  Can someone just email me and remind me to killl her PLEASE?  God.  At least she's better than those stupid Tae Bo tapes I've got laying around collecting dust.  Those tapes are no good for someone hiding in a poverty-stricken apartment.  Oh, and I have a giant well in my living room.  I can't kick and jump around that!  Billy Blanks only makes his tapes for the rich.  

Gotta go.  There's something really cool and life-changing that might happen to me today, but I don't think I can write about it.  Probably never.

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