fucking hotmail mother fucker fucsk

What the hell, peeps. what the hell peeeps. what the hell. dammit. damnmn.


It has been too long, my friends. Too long. I have had so many adventures. So many things have happened to me since I was packing my bags for Journalcon. Can you believe it's almost that time again? Amazing!

I really should do some catching up. I'll put it on my list of things to do. I'm really behind on poking Catherine with a stick. Oh, funny story. Her birthday was the other week, and I totally made her think I'd forgotten it. She was crying and shit, with her, "I mean it! Let me out, you freak!" which is totally how we talk to each other. Anyhoo, three days ago Precious and I threw her a surprise party. She was totally surprised, yo. Yo. That's a word I just heard people use on journals, so I'm trying it out. Yo. Yo better realize yo got a yogirl in my yowell, yo.

But I don't really have time to update, I just wanted to hop on and say my fucking hotmail account is fucking finally working again. Fuckers shut that thing off more times than the FBI's shut off my electricity. Maybe I don't have time to log in every thirty days, Hotmail. Maybe I have a life! Maybe I have skin to sew! Maybe you could mind your own business and stop trying to make me pay to have free email! Assholes! Just keep the account open if you like your back skin on your back. You know what I'm saying? Yo know yo?

Anyway. You can email me again, here.

I'll do a real update later. Maybe.

yo out, bitches.

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